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 Seth Vandable

Seth Vandable began his career as a commercial artist and painter in central Texas.His background in painting combined with many years of studying human anatomy have contributed to his international success as a sculptor. Vandable strives to capture the intensity of the human spirit in compositions that are both innovative and timeless. His detailed working knowledge of human anatomy is so extensive that the need for models is eliminated, making each sculpture a truly original creation.  His work can be found in private and public collections worldwide.  Seth has the honors of recently being inducted into the National Sculpture Society as a long-time Fellow Member. Seth was chosen by the city of Casper, WY.  to create a Gateway Monument  2 ½ times Life size.  The monument honors the energy business and all it has done in the development of the Casper community.  The Monument is 38’ht, one of the largest figurative Bronze sculptures in the World.
Check the Public Art section to view this and other Public Monuments installed by Seth Vandable.



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